Hello blogville,

I can’t even begin to apologise for my absence, I should just accept the consequences abi, but still for anyone still out there, I’m sowwiii.  You know when people say they hit the ground running, that phrase never made any sense to me until this year!!! That’s what it feels like, I hit the ground running and still running literarily.


In between going back to work and moving homes, actually moving to a village, yes, we are officially villagers! you know growing up and reading those Enid Blyton’s book that sometimes talk about knowing everyone who lives in your village, I never really did understand that, I always thought, how can you know everyone in your village? now I know, when I’m dropping off my son at school, I see my neighbours cars in the car park, I mean all the kids in the village, well most of them go to the same school, there is 1, yes 1 school in the village, so people, that’s how you know almost everybody in your village, we meet at school runs, the post office, the village shop, when we go and see the village doctor… no, not the Nollywood type, he really is a qualified physician, I think :-).  Anyhow, I am enjoying the village life, you can go all day and not see a fly go past your window and you have all the greenery you can ever wish for plus we’re not that far from the city centre, so if we’re getting a little bored, we just head off to the city centre. kapish.

Honestly this post is not about my village life, that was only part of my excuse, actually grovelling on why I’ve been away so long.

To make up for that, instead of dusting some old post in my draft, I’m actually coming up with a brand new one, straight from the well of Bukky’s mind….. heeeheheheheehe

You know I’ve never been one to make much comparison between male and female because in my past life, I was an avid feminist 🙂 I know shock horror…. however, like it or not, boys and girls are different, without paying much attention really, I can’t help but notice many differences bewtween my son and daughter, I’ll give just one of many examples.

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We have this laundry basket that looks like those tunnels that children play with at parks (see picture above).  Now obviously since the one I have is a laundry basket, it has no exit.  The first time my son, I think he was like 2 at the time put his head through, he soon realised it’s not the tube as he struggled to come out of it, wanting to see what he will do, I didn’t help him (I know, call CPS!) :-). anyway, after struggling for about a minute, he got himself out, now you would think the boy will not go near the thing again, but no, it soon became a game, puts his head in, walk around the room laughing hysterically while throwing his hands about looking for me, then getting his head out, rolling on the floor laughing really hard… honestly I couldn’t help but be amused! That went on till he got tired of it.

Fastforward, my daughter made the same mistake, thought the laundry basket had an exit, soon realised it doesn’t but head already in, screamed, shouted, grunted and all sort, now to make sure the experiment is fair, I wasn’t going to help out 🙂 actually that’s not true, after hearing how upset she, I started walking over to get her out but to be fair to her, she got her head out pretty fast, like 10 seconds…. I have never seen a baby look at something with so much hate before….. I couldn’t help but laugh while she looks at me wondering what is so funny, what is more amusing, since then, she makes sure to avoid the basket like a plague, if the basket is by somewhere she has to walk, if you see the kinda detour she’d attempt, even you’d laugh…. Heehehehehe..

Now I’m not really sure what I’m making of these thing but they amuse so I had to share…

Just a quick one here….. I missed you much… and that’s true true 🙂

Bukky Apampa is a wife, a mother, a daughter and a sister 🙂 She loves God and loves to write, I am particularly passionate about relationships and I can be quite opinionated but always interested in other people’s views, I actually enjoy reading and listening to other’s views as it often challenges me that sometimes in this world, life is not always black and white, there are many shades of grey.

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