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Definitely A Happy New Year



Hello blogville,

It’s been a while, I’ve had a little visitor, the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen visited me on the 30-December-2012, she made sure she got in just before the year ends, I truly thank God for the journey and the beautiful gift, so wishing everyone a very a HAPPY NEW YEAR! I know it’s a little late but I’m told so long it’s still in January, it’s valid :-) I pray God’s best for you and your family this year, your best is yet to come!

Bukky Apampa is a wife, a mother, a daughter and a sister :-) She loves God and loves to write, I am particularly passionate about relationships and I can be quite opinionated but always interested in other people’s views, I actually enjoy reading and listening to other’s views as it often challenges me that sometimes in this world, life is not always black and white, there are many shades of grey.

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17 Responses to Definitely A Happy New Year

  1. Dayor says:

    CongratulationS again sis. May God bless and keep her. Have an amazing 2013. Cheers!

  2. doll says:

    Congrats BUkky, i pray God grants you everything you need to nurture her in the way of the Lord and all she needs to prosper here on earth. She shall continually be a source of joy to you and your hubs

  3. eya says:

    Congratulations Bukky and Happy New Year to your family!

  4. jiji says:

    congratulations. and a happy new year to you too. Amen to your prayers. My angel is on the way too. God is faithful!

  5. Woahhhhh! Congratulations on her arrival. *cue naija prayer*

    May she fulfill her destiny on earth for the glory of God in Jesus name. To her enemies she will be untouchable. To her nation she will be a beacon of hope. May her blessings be immune to the attacks of the enemy. May the anointing of the Lord be her swag. She will walk in the ways of the Lord all the days of her life. The Lord has given her to you…she will not be a source of sorrow to you and your family in Jesus name!

    In Jesus name I pray, Amen! Lol :D

  6. simpleemee says:

    Wow! CONGRATULATIONS! A baby gal?
    GOD bless her and also make provisions to take care of her.
    Am so happy for you and yours.
    Happy new year sistah! :D

  7. C says:


  8. bukky apampa says:

    Thank you all so much and a big massive AMEN!

    @Worship and Swag, I receive it all on her behalf. Thank you dear.
    @Jiji, all the best dear.

  9. Wow!!! *Dancing *Dancing. Congratulations on your bundle of joy and thank God for safe delivery. My experience with childbirth has been that, for each new baby, we went to a whole new and better level. May her birth herald in blessings that you and your hubby are yet to tap into. God bless the little one and provide you with all the resources you need, to take care of her. Welcome to 2013. Have a most fruitful year. God bless you.

  10. Sykik says:

    Congratulations to you and yours. E ku owo lomi.

    She will continue to be a source of joy to your home. She will fulfill her destiny in life. God will keep her safe, she will be outstanding among her peers. No evil eye will see her, no evil hand will carry her. God will give his angels charge over her. She is blessed in Jesus name.

  11. I missed the news of the arrival of sisi eko
    Hope all is well with you
    I pray you and yours stay happy, healthy and blessed

  12. bukky apampa says:

    Heehehehe, thank you and thanks for stopping by :-)

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