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How are you today? I’m doing alright, trying to stay cool in this obodo oyibo heat, is it me or has anyone noticed that during the summer, the trees stand still which means no breeze at all, I seem to remember back in Naija that no matter how hot it is, there’s always a nice cool breeze especially if you stand in the shade, anyway just wondering 🙂


So on to a serious matter o, a friend’s 7 year old came home and  asked her mum if she could have the surgery that Michael Jackson had that turned his skin white, when she probed her daughter a little to find out where this is coming from, it turns out a kid at her new school has been telling other kids that if they play with her, their white skin will turn brown like hers. it’s really sad that some people are still living in such ignorance and even sadder that they are passing these lies on to impressionable children.

Michelle and Mandela


Desmond and Mandela

rosa parks2


Cut a long story short, frustrated, my friend said she is going to pull her daughter out of the school.  I told her I wouldn’t do that, to start with, I will contact the school to inform them and find out their stance on such issues.  I will sit my daughter down and tell her all the great things about her brown skin, I will tell her that God did not make a mistake when he made her brown that she is very lucky to be part of a great race, a race full of culture and history, I will tell her that the kids at school will be very lucky if they had the chance to be part of her race or have an understanding of what a great race it is, I will tell her about the great people her race has produced, e.g Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama, Desmond Tutu, Rosa Parks, Oprah Winfrey, Kofi Annan, Michelle Obama, Bob Marley, Condolezza Rice, Susan Rice, the many successful athletes, actors, authors, artists,  I could go on, I will tell her how this resilient race has come through great difficulties, lies, slavery , imprisonment, ignorance to name a few, they’ve had to come through many negativity to remain relevant and still be world changers, I will tell her the kid spewing this rubbish is only doing so because he/she feels inferior to her and is threatened by her strength, beauty, intelligence, independence and the fact that she comes from a race that is full of life.  Since I’m talking to a 7 year old, I’d try to keep it simple but I will continually tell her these things and more.

it’s a short one today, I just had to get it out, what would you tell this little girl? I’d love to hear from you.

Bukky Apampa is a wife, a mother, a daughter and a sister 🙂 She loves God and loves to write, I am particularly passionate about relationships and I can be quite opinionated but always interested in other people’s views, I actually enjoy reading and listening to other’s views as it often challenges me that sometimes in this world, life is not always black and white, there are many shades of grey.

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