Happy New Year!!!!
I know I know, I’m early right??? 🙂 As I said on twitter, I’ve been told so long it’s in January, I’m still allowed to say it or even if it’s in the middle of year so long I’m saying it for the first time to someone, I’m cool… Anyway I had to make up something 🙂

How are you all doing? it’s been a while eh but I’ve not forgotten this blog o only I couldn’t remember my password as I was about to sign in…. Heehehehehehe.. I just crack myself up.. don’t I.

mean little girl

Ha so back to my topic above, I was watching a movie the other, by now you know a lot of my inspiration to write comes from personal experiences, what I see, hear e.t.c… so I was watching this film, let me try and summarize….

There’s this girl who seems to come from a good home, hardworking parents, gave her everything she needed, good education e.t.c… Unfortunately, this babe went to hitch her wagon with some “no good brethren”, the film had a lot of twists and turn but these are the bits that got to me the most…

In one scene, the boy took drugs to sell, having sold the drugs, he spent the money, when the drug lords came after him, he asked the girl to lend him the money, she told him, she doesn’t have that kinda money, now get this, he says to her, “can’t you borrow it from your parents? they don’t have to know, they have plenty”… now in my book, that is stealing abi? anyway as I hoped, the girl flipped, got very angry with him that he would ask her to steal from her parents, I was secretly jubilating and saying good girl!… but before I could say “who shot John”, the boy persuaded the girl, told her the drug lord would kill him if he doesn’t pay back the money, you guessed it, the babe didn’t want boyfie killed, so off she goes to “borrow the money” from her parents without their knowledge, and we’re talking thousands of dollars….

As If the whole things concerns me, I was fuming, and thinking now if this girl was my daughter, this is what I’d hope she told the guy “if you knew that not returning the money would mean you’d be killed, you would not have spent it on yourself, now I suggest you do 2 things, go return the items you spent the money on, or I can lend you 50 dollars to get a bus to the land of “nowhere drug lord can find you”….. Does that sound mean? if it does, then I want a mean daughter…


There were other things that this boy persuaded the girl to do but in the last scene, despite the girl getting the no do good-er money for the drug lord, he still got into trouble, now in the scene, the drug lord was after him, so he rings his girlfriend for help, as the theme continues, after getting angry and saying she can’t help him, with some persuasion, she succumbs, what he’s suggesting this time is that she takes her father’s car and meet him somewhere so he can take the car and run away… unfortunately for her, when she got to the place of exchange, the drug lords were already there, so she couldn’t make an exchange, boyfie had to get in the car with her and they are now both getting chased by the drug lords..

The bit that got to me most, for a moment, they lost the drug lords, and the girl did the smart thing, got out of the car and started running away, what did boyfie do? started accusing her of leaving him in his time of need, so like a sheep to the slaughter, the girl came back, for the life me, I found myself shouting at the screen, please don’t go back…. Sadly, the drug lords caught up with them and shot her dead while boyfie made a getaway…

I know it’s just a film but having worked with young people, I’m seeing more and more weak minded girls who can be easily persuaded to go against everything their parents have taught them, ok I understand what it is to think you’re in love at a young age but what would make a girl from a good home get entangled with such a disturbed young man and get completely dragged down by him….

What do we need to instill in our daughters to protect them from such scenarios, yes we pray for them hard but I also think maybe we need to stop teaching girls that they have to be sweet, kind, nice e.t.c.. one of the things boyfie says to the girl is “you’re not nice to me anymore”.  I was hoping the girl would say something like “I’m not supposed to be nice when you’re trying to get me in to trouble” but this line always seems to work on the girl, I assume, this is because she’s been brought to “be nice”.  So what should parents do? Teach their daughters not to be nice? to be meaner and actually be proud of being mean when someone is trying to get them in trouble?  At first  I thought it’s just about teaching right and wrong, but the girl knew what was wrong, only she could not hold her nerve against persuasion.  I really don’t have the answer but this movie got me thinking hard and praying hard too….


What do you reckon?




Bukky Apampa is a wife, a mother, a daughter and a sister 🙂 She loves God and loves to write, I am particularly passionate about relationships and I can be quite opinionated but always interested in other people’s views, I actually enjoy reading and listening to other’s views as it often challenges me that sometimes in this world, life is not always black and white, there are many shades of grey.

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